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I should have trusted my instincts

We made the obligatory quote comparisons, and management decided to use a different agency, but I felt we'd be better with Ange. I was right, as it turned out, and after 6 months trying with the agency we chose, we switched to Ange. From the very first newsletter, she did what the other agency couldn't do in 6 months of trying. It saves me so much stress and time working with Ange.

Marketing Manager

Logistics company

I couldn't get the assigned copywriter to get it right, so last minute I called Ange

I had a brochure I had to get out targeting my high networth clients and the copywriters we were assigned by the marketing agency the organisation was using just didn't undertsand the market or how to talk to them. I'd worked with Ange before when I was with a previous company, so last minute I gave her a call and the next day the copy was done.

Marketing Manager


We called last minute and she delivered

We had just one month left to complete an annual report. The client loved the design concept and layout but hated the copy. There was no consistency between sections and no link in the copy to the design concept. Ange took over the copy and instantly did what the previous copywriter couldn't. She rewrote the copy to a template and gave us headlines that linked the copy to the design in a clever way.


Owner, Graphics design agency

I had to use the present agency but wasn't happy with the copy. I had them use Ange

I'd worked with Ange previously and was happy with her work. However, we entered into a contract with a marketing agency to do our digital marketing and the agreement was to use their copywriters. This didn't work out well at all. So, to salvage the project, I insisted that they outsource the copy to Ange.

Marketing Manager

IT Logistics


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