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  • Professional copywriter for 20 years
  • Owner of Singapore's 1st & longest-standing copywriting agency
  • Based in Singapore

I'm the salesperson for your business

when your salespeople are asleep

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important to you

  • Experienced, professional copywriter
  • Owner of Singapore's 1st & longest-standing copywriting agency
  • Supporting MNCs & SMEs for over 20 years


for over 20 years

Choosing a copywriter is a risk

There are so many writers in the market today, which makes choosing the right one for your business so complicated. Once burned, you are naturally skeptical of any "writer". I understand the fear.

Present copywriter not working out as hoped?

Clients usually come to me when they discover their chosen copywriter isn't up to standard and they've wasted months of time, money and energy trying to salvage the work or train the writer to understand the business. "We should have come to you first" is a comment I often hear when they realise how easy it all is with me.

"Ange gets it & that saves me so much time"

They say that the difference is night and day. With me as your writer, getting blogs, articles and marketing material out is quick, easy and hassle-free, without endless rewrites and you eventually having to do it yourself. You can leave the writing to me and free your time for other things.


Adds value through recommendations

Ange is professional with her work and can immediately make sound recommendations to enhance and bring projects to a higher level.

Juliana Lee, Regional Marketing, ZF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Her work led to more conversions for us

Ange grasped our needs really quickly and I didn't have to waste time with back and forth changes. She has real experience in the field, and her work led to higher coversions and more appointments for us!

Zhengyang Peh, D'Elegance

Her writing skills are unmatched

I have known Angela for many years, and she is one of the most brilliant people I have had the pleasure of working with. Her writing skills are unmatched, she has a way with words that nobody else is capable of, and it all translates into a mastery with marketing that is a cut above the rest.

Angela is extremely dependable. You can count on her to deliver the results you want, and she has a wonderful character that makes her extremely approachable and relatable. I cannot recommend a better marketer than her, and you won’t be disappointed.

Dino Trakakis, Autism Recover Centre


than just a copywriter


Accurate copy that persuades, educates and sells

I've been based in Singapore for over 30 years so I am as familiar with the local culture as anyone else. The bonus you have when hiring me as your writer, apart from my 20 years experience in the field, is that I am a native English speaker and ex-English language teacher. So, I understand the fine nuances of the English language and use it to strengthen your communications. You can be confident that your marketing materials will stand up to international scrutiny and your corporate reputation is protected.


I understand your business

and your clients

I coach business startups through the whole process of setting up and running a business from initial brand concept, through to online marketing, systemisation and automation of their business processes. There's a lot of value I can add to your writing projects from that perspective. If I feel your message is off, or your marketing can be stronger, I'll let you know and we can work together to put it right.


It's simply easier to work with someone who already gets it

The greatest value I can add to your business is that my experience, education and world view allow me to write effortlessly for you with copy that's 90% there on the first draft and done by the second. Working with me, you'll find a writing partner that saves you time and energy because you don't have to rewrite yourself or micro-manage the project. I've rescued more copywriting projects than I can count.


I run Singapore's 1st & longest-standing copywriting agency

Worried that a sole writer won't have the band-width to handle your project? I run Proof Perfect, my copywriting agency, so I have a pool of writers hand-picked by me to support me in delivering projects for you. All work is personally checked by me before it gets to you.


through the years

Gyanendra Kumar


"Is Ange Dove a mind reader? She’s been there and done it. All of it. And has come out with a workable solution. Kudos to the lady and thanks for being my mentor. Now I know my business begins with me and “purpose passion and position” will result in profit."

Ricardo Communod


"I had 2 days to get my website launched and gave Ange a rough translation from Italian of what I wanted. She quickly rewrote the whole site and in 2 days it was up!

Paul Emmerson

VP Brand, Amari Hotels & Resorts

"Ange has been an inspiration to me not only as a copywriter but as an entrepreneur committed to sharing her vast knowledge with those who need her help. She, and her team, has consistently delivered for each of the brands I have worked with and are to me what an agency should be - client focused and capable."


we can help you with

SEO blogs/articles

Your blog and articles you publish serve as an authority resource for your target clients. They position you as the trusted source in your field of expertise. When you are an authority, people trust you. When they trust you, they’ll buy from you. Your blog is also a golden opportunity to SEO your website - get more traffic coming in from targeted keyword searches.

With our SEO blog writing services, we agree an editorial calendar, research and write each post, and optimise each blog for your target keyword. We are not a content mill. We write unique, quality content each time.

Ask us about our blog packages today.


Your website is the centrepiece of your marketing campaign. It’s where all your leads eventually converge for proof you do what you say you do. But if it can serve as more than a pretty shop front and help convert browsers into buyers, what would that be worth to your business?

We’ll plan your website so information is easy to find with minimal clicks. Our writing will engage and persuade your visitors to take action.

Landing pages

When you are making sales online, you are missing a crucial element of your workforce, your salesman. Your page needs to persuade your readers to take your desired action straight away, even as you sleep. We employ our 5G Copywriting System, a system that is proven to create sales pages that convert.

Email campaigns

We’ll help you strategise targeted offers to different market segments within your list for a more personalised campaign that will result in better opening and clickthrough rates.

Case studies

Writing a case study that resonates with potential customers requires an understanding of the challenges they often face and how the solutions you offer solve them. Luckily, we have years of experience slipping into customers’ shoes, and have written hundreds of case studies for both SME and MNC clients to target a wide range of audiences across industries. We focus on the results, pulling out the best bits of your solutions with sub headers and bullets where necessary.

Annual reports

We’re strong on concepts - We love to get in right from the beginning and work on the concept for the year. Then we work with your design team to make sure our copy complements the design concepts on the cover, in the chapter dividers and throughout the main copy.

We write for clarity - We make sure your content is broken into manageable sections with sub headers that help tell the story as well as bullet points and infographics where needed.

We proofread for accuracy - As a copywriter for annual reports for many years standing, we understand that putting together an annual report is a lengthy process. It’s natural that, after reading the report so many times as the changes are made, you become blind to inserted errors. That’s where an independent eye can come in and proofread the full report to spot typos and unseen errors. The result? A comprehensive, concise and compelling document that you can be proud of this year.

Lead magnets

If you want potential customers to give you their details, you need to stand out and offer them something truly valuable in exchange. That’s why creating a lead magnet (aka useful free content) requires a deep understanding of your customer and their pain points. Before we start, we do the research and brainstorm ideas for lead magnets that will answer a specific problem your target audience is facing. Then we create and design content that is valuable, compelling and concise, so your customers can benefit from it immediately.

Brand voice

When you rebrand, you receive a set of guidelines to protect your visual brand and keep it consistent. Often the brand voice part is left out, leaving copywriters at a loss as to how to write for you. We can create that brand voice guideline for you, along with your brand story so that your brand stays consistent and authentic, not only in look but in the way you communicate too.

And more ...

Video scripts, training manuals, SOPs, anything that requires written communication. I can help you with it all. Don't see your type of project listed here? Just get in touch and we can discuss.

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